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Hello, I‘ m using OsmAnd+ since many years but all of a sudden I cannot get any map (storage space is sufficient): I only get weather forecast, to pay for. Also,  „Kartenverwaltung“ does not list any of the existing maps which I had downloaded some time ago, although they are accessible. What is the reason ?

My wife has „ordinary“ OsmAnd (without +)  on her mobile phone, same phenomenon.

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Dear Wolfgang!

While OsmAnd is making use of OpenStreetMap data, it is an own project with an own team of developers. The problem you described is directly related to the app OsmAnd(+), so I would suggest any of the following OsmAnd-specific channels for getting a qualified solution to your problem. I did a quick lookup on the projects homepage (https://osmand.net/) and found the following possibilities:


Since I am personally using OsmAnd also, here are my 2 cents: I remembered that there is a setting in the options where you can select the storage location of downloaded map data. Maybe this setting was changed somehow? I also remember that current versions of Android behave differently than older ones in this regard (apps are not allowed to access certain storage locations that they were able to access before) – so maybe there has been a systems upgrade which did break some settings?

scubbx Changed status to publish 30. Mai 2023
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